Advantages of Gold

Gold Can Be Used For A Variety Of Other Purposes As Well

Gold’s Uses In Medicine

Small number of health conditions can be treated with gold as a drug.. Rheumatoid arthritis may be treated with injection of weak solutions of sodium aurothiomalate or aurothioglucose. For the treatment of certain types of cancer, radioactive gold isotope particles are injected into the patient’s body.

For the treatment of a condition called as lagophthalmos, that is an inability to close one’s eyes completely, small amounts of resources are used. Small amounts of resources are injected into the upper eyelid to treat this condition. When the eyelid is “weighted” by the gold implant, the gravitational force helps the eyelid to fully close.

Diagnosis relies on the use of radioactive gold. It is injected into the body in a colloidal solution which emits beta radiation as it travels. This precious metal is used in a variety of medical and technological products. Non-reactive in instruments and highly reliable in electronic and life-support devices, gold is an ideal material.

Gold’s Applications In The Aerospace Industry

Build your vehicle to extremely dependable materials if you plan on spending billions of dollars to send it into space where there is no chance of lubrication, maintenance or repair. It’s for this reason that NASA uses gold to make a variety of components in every spacecraft it launches.

In electronics, gold is used as a reliable conductor and connector. Every spacecraft also includes a significant amount of gold-coated polyester film. Infrared radiation is reflected by this film, which aids in maintaining the spacecraft’s temperature. Heat would be absorbed by the spacecraft’s darker parts without this coating.

As a mechanical lubricant, gold is also employed. Organic lubricants would volatilize and also be broken down by intense radiation outside Earth’s atmosphere in space’s vacuum. As a lubricant, a thin layer of gold between moving parts acts as a low-shear-strength lubricant.

Uses Of Gold In Glassmaking

Gold is used in a variety of ways in the manufacturing of glass. A pigment is the most common use in glassmaking. A deep ruby hue can be achieved by annealing glass with small amount of gold suspended within it.

Specialized glass for climate controlled buildings & cases is also made with gold. When a small amount of gold is dispersed in the glass or coated on its surface, it will represent solar radiation outward, keeping buildings cool in the summer and keeping them warm at night.

In an astronaut’s spacesuit, visor on helmet is coated with a really thin film of gold. The astronauts’ eyes and skin are shielded by this thin film, which reflects most of the sun’s intense solar radiation.

Gold’s Future Applications

Gold is too pricey to use merely for the sake of it. As an alternative, it is used only when there are no other options that are less expensive. As a result, gold is rarely substituted for another metal once a use for it has been discovered. This indicates that number of usage for gold has grown over time.

The vast majority of gold’s current applications have been developed in last 2 – 3 decades. The trend is likely to continue. When our society demands more advanced and reliable materials, bullion use will rise. As a result of the rising demand, lack of alternatives, and tight supply, gold’s price and significance will rise steadily over time.