Gold is prized all around the world for its high value and long history of being woven into cultures for 1000s of years. Coins containing gold initially appeared approximately 650 B.C., &  the first pure gold coin were minted about 100 years later during the reign of King Croesus of Lydia.

People have kept gold for a variety of reasons throughout the years. Gold’s worth has been perpetuated by societies and now economies placing a value on it. It’s the metals we fall back on while other kinds of currency fail, therefore it’s always worth something as a hedge against bad times. Here are eight compelling reasons to consider purchasing gold today.

Unlike paper money, coins, and other assets, gold had retained its worth over time. Gold is seen as a way for people to carry on and protect their wealth from generation to generation. People have admired the precious metal’s remarkable characteristics since antiquity.

Gold is easy to work with & stamp as a coin because it doesn’t corrode & can be heated over a regular flame. Furthermore, unlike other elements, gold has a distinct and lovely color. Because gold atoms are heavier and electrons move quicker, some light is absorbed, a process that required theory of relativity to understand.